BrewTech, established in 1996 as a Supplier and Service Supporter for the Brewery Industry, Beverage, Wineries and Fruit Juice Manufacturers throughout Africa. BrewTech offers a competitive, selective Package of  Draught Dispense Equipment – “from the Keg to the glass”. BrewTech has been a proud supplier and recognised Vendor in SA and through its representatives throughout Africa, as well as supporting and assisting the rapidly growing Market of Craft Brewers, in these areas as well.
Craft Beer
Beer consumption per capita in South Africa
Billion – Craft Beer Market
Aber Instruments Ltd – Online and Lab Yeast Analysers – for measurement and control of viable cell density in a cell culture manufacturing process using radio-frequency impedance. www.aber-instruments.com
Bearings International – Rexnord Europe -Flat / Slat Chain conveyors www.bearings.co.za
BACTEST – Innovation in Microbiological testing using – ‘Speedy Breedy’ which has developed special culture vessels, populated with specific media product, that will enable Breweries to identify the presence of wild yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and general contamination in beer days faster than current methods. www.bactest.com
Franke Blefa – Germany. The complete range of Stainless Steel KEGS for all applications. www.franke.com
IDD – The complete range of Process Brewery Equipment, including Keg Filling / Washing lines. www.iddeas.com & www.craftbrewingbusiness.com
K. Trading – “Inline Beer FOAM STOP + VALVE” FOB Detector by SyroFlo Ltd.
Imspex Diagnostics Ltd – FlavourSpec for the determination of Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC ) in the Headspace of Beer. www.gas-dortmund.de
John Guest – complete range of Fittings for Beer & Gas Tubing www.jgspeedfit.com
Micro Matic Ltd – Micro Matic’s United Kingdom – Agent since 1986 for Draught Dispense Equipment, including the recently launched BEVmate ( by Krones) – simple single use solution for Beverages on Tap. Also FlexiDraft Dispensing System with its different options as well as smartDraft. www.micromatic.com
REITER BRAUTECHNIK – Keg Chime Straightening Machines. www.reiter-brautechnik.de
Thonhauser GmbH – No. 1 in Cleaning technology with color check – beer lines and dry belt lubrication www.thonhauser.net
VALPAR LTD – Complete range of Python and including Beer and Gas Tubing. www.valpar.co.uk